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Well I'm the kind of person who people would turn to as a friend to laugh with and I'm sure people never ever think of me in the romantic way. I don't think I'm too bad looking but I'm not great to look at either. I do have friends though but I tend not to hang out with the snooty kinds. I'm always happy from the outside but from the inside...not so well.
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i have come along way as a person , i was the same as you. I want to ask you to please do me a favor....Please please Don't hide the real you open up remember your mind on the inside is as much the way you look on the out side. if you find someone your attracted to that day all day tell you Im worth it. Im a great person be honest walk up to that person and say Hi im such and such and i find you very interesting and would like to get to know you and I would like to invest some of my life on you . can we go...cofee movie ....but the main thing is remember you are loved no matter what is said or happens.... good luck...

Don't worry about it. Maybe the guys you hang around just aren't ready for a relationship yet, or maybe you just look young. Nobody of the opposite sex ever paid me any attention until I was like 20, and all the guys I had crushes on thought I was creepy. Coincidentally, my boyfriend of 3 years was the first guy who ever asked me out, and he's perfect. He's also one of the best looking guys I've ever seen. So cheer up and just enjoy being friends with guys without any complications. The day will probably come where you'll have to go through the drama of rejecting guys left and right.