I Wish I Could Find Him

i really wish i could find my one and only. but i feel like that will never happen. if only i could feel more comfortable in my own skin. i think my biggest insecurity is my gut. i am working on it. yesterday though i cheated on my diet and now i feel bad again. to me a good looking guy is not necessary, i want a smart, intelligent, admirable man. it would be a plus if he were hansome but it isn't my main concern. but for guys, well guys i believe are more shallow than girls. when a girl falls inlove she is mainly about feelings a guy is more possesive. more about looks or maybe i have just dated the wrong type of guys. i feel like there are no good guys out there.

i hope i am wrong. i really do. i want to be inlove and be loved back. i don't even remember what love feels like. sometimes i am afraid i will grow old and alone with maybe a dog to keep me company. i'm so lonely.

i'm gonna work out now, maybe i will feel more confident if i were inshape;)i just want to get toned and get rid of this gut.
veronica4ever veronica4ever
26-30, F
2 Responses Jan 3, 2013

There are definitely good guys out there. The pool becomes even wider when you say that you are not particular about looks because often people run into walls when they limit their choices by appearance. When I have felt like no one would love me or perhaps if I lost a few pounds things would change, I realized that I was bullying myself. Learn to love yourself and then men will see your real beauty as well.

Way to go!

Be more confident and you will find it easier (more people come and also you can interact them better) meeting more people. Surely that day will come. Meanwhile, work on improving yourself and your confidence.

Once you have enough confidence you will be comfortable being outside your skin.

There are men who do genuinely care. You just need to look for them. Easy? No. But they are out there - it's a fact.