I Just Don't.

I really don't think that anyone will ever love me romantically. I am not very pretty. Or smart, or funny. And I just dont see why anyone would choose me, out of all the beautiful people out there. What do i have to offer? What i want more than anything is to feel loved. But i just dont know. I dont think i can be loved.

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i feel the same as you but do not worry and all you have to offer is nothing if no one asked you out it is just because they are not good enough for you .

What made you think you're not "very pretty" as you said it? I don't know anything about you, so I can't say anything about your personality, but when it comes to looks alone, (and if your avatar is really you) than I'd say you've got nothing to worry about. Because you are most definitely beautiful.

i don't think so sweetie i bet you have so much to offer

That's not true your DP looks pretty.

I think I can understand what you are feeling. I am not interesting enough for anyone to be intrigued with me. It does not help that fact that I am ugly, stupid, disgusting, short, repulsive or having any potential for improvement. Hopefully, you do not share any of my traits. I think it's natural to have the desire to be loved, like you have expressed. This includes myself. But like you I feel like I have nothing to offer, and we both know desire, luck, and determination does not always correlate to attaining what we desire/need/want in life.

if you think like this then it may end being that way....so don't do that!!<br />
<br />
dream and achieve...so just keep the dream alive!!<br />
<br />
i felt the same way and some days i still do but i just try and stay positive and say maybe tomorrow, even if tomorrow doesn't come i'm not going to dwell on it!!

If you give off negative vibes about yourself, people will pick up on them, be who you decide to be and stick with your convictions. let someone else decide if they want to love you. it's their decision to make, not yours. don't do yourself down, there are too many other people to do that. just toughen up and do something nice for yourself that will make you smile and radiate beauty. Good luck XXX

Yes you are pretty and some1 will love you .. In a world filled with hate we must still dare to hope, in a world filled with anger we must still dare to comfort, in a world filled with despair we must still dare to dream and in a world filled with distrust we must still dare to believe.

Say not "Au contraire" mon cheri...<br />
..or we shall repeat it right back to thee!<br />
<br />
"Au contraire mon cheri!"<br />
<br />
For your vision ..my dear ..is clouded by fear,<br />
insecurities distort what you see.<br />
So it's no wonder my darling, <br />
when you look in the mirror,<br />
you say "no one will ever love me".<br />
<br />
But that woman that you see...<br />
...it is not you!<br />
<br />
She is is the hauntingly plain,<br />
...disturbingly distorted,<br />
...frightening frail spectre you so strongly fear you might be.<br />
<br />
It is not you,<br />
but you cannot see....<br />
..when you look at you...<br />
for this fear will always be...<br />
A veil to your sight - in dark disturbing ways.<br />
A whispered distortion of what is right - don't listen to what it says.<br />
<br />
Unfortunately you<br />
cannot trust you<br />
to tell you<br />
how beautiful and wonderful you are.<br />
<br />
But you can find those who can.<br />
There are those who will want to know you, <br />
who can tell you, <br />
who can see what you cannot.<br />
<br />
And you will know whether they speak honestly,<br />
sincerely,<br />
when they tell you....<br />
<br />
you ARE beautiful,<br />
...and smart,<br />
...and fun to be around,<br />
<br />
You are all those things.<br />
You will always be all those things.<br />
You may not know it now...<br />
...you might not ever fully grasp this truth,<br />
but if you let the right people get to know you....get close to you...<br />
they will...and you will simply have to trust they are not insane. ;)<br />
<br />
But for people who are shy...who might shy away from those they find attractive out of fear of being rejected....it my take a bit longer to find that special someone who will pursue you around the corner where you flee to hide...trembling with fear of "devastating rejection". I don't know if this is you...but but if it is, know there are those out there who will come after you....who you will want to come after you....because thy find you attractive....and you so want them to tell you so. Many will not know to take the effort...so you have to be patient and keep an eye out for the ones who will...and be sure to smile at them. :)<br />
<br />

no. no. no.

asdfok, i have reason to believe this assumption is very, very wrong.

umm.....from what i know of you you are incredibly funny and smart. also, you are one of the most beautiful girls i have ever seen. please don't put yourself down like this.

love yourself first. (gads...old song floating through my head...everyone is beautiful)... but it's true.

Well, of course they are not true. I am sure you will find someone eventually, just because you haven't yet doesn't mean you won't! You are beautiful, smart and funny! =)

Don't be silly. You must know these things aren't true. :]

everyone and i mean everyone will be loved by someone in their lives so dont loose hope in that love your self and someone will find and love u trust me