What Purpose Do I Serve?

i feel like some people would want me to stay around to be a nursemaid, a go to girl. if they didn't need what i provide them with, they wouldn't need me at all. sometimes i wonder what the hell i'm doing here anyway? i wouldn't mind disappearing and trading this life for a new one.
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Feel the same way, seem to always give my all and get little in return, but can't change its who I am

er, thank you for your contribution groplup.

Do not worry you just have to come back again after you pass on anway. So, make the most of the time you have here and now. Tell those jerk offs to go to hell, move leave find new friends that understand you. Stop feeling so damn guilty because they make you feel it. You cannot do everything by yourself. Other people are taking advantage. Stop feeling so damn sorry for yourself. Leave and do not come back or speak to the family that is taking advantage of you and doesn't give a crap. And when you come back they may shun you but the hell with them. You are the only one making yourself a victim. Stop it right now!

thank you, destiney :)

thank you. i hope my efforts are appreciated by others.

i hope all the people that you care for know just how lucky they are. ((((hugs)))

yes i do need a break but i don't think a hour or two is going to cut it. if i didn't care for her so much i would take a real break and might not come back.

I don't know what her entitlements include but you could use a break. If only for an hour or two alone at the bookstore.

that might be the thing to do especially if my sisters health issues continue to go downward. i know i can't do everything by myself.

Is there any chance of getting some visiting help? Someone to give you at least an afternoon to yourself from time to time?

that would be nice but getting away requires some money and i'm low on that, for one thing. as much as i'd like to, i can't go off and leave responsibilities behind.

you need to find a way to get away from it all, clear your head and look after you for a while.

hey, we all have problems and get wrapped up in them, no apology necessary. *hugs* to you too :)

I would most definitely miss you, Jerrica. I'm sorry I've been so wrapped up in my own problems......<br />
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(((((((((((((((((((((((Jerrica)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))<br />
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good question,ihillway. i don't know what i want to do or be but i'm tired of the life i have right now, i'm burned out on being a caregiver. that much i do know.

Have courage. Find a life you like living for yourself.<br />
You don't have to be someone's accessory.<br />
<br />
What do you want to do or be?

i don't want people's only involvement to be with me because they need me and what i can do for them. that makes me feel used and thats not a good feeling. i want people in my life that want me, not just need me. i don't mind being there for anyone but too much of it and i get burned out.