I Wonder, Would Anyone Notice

Sometimes I just want to disappear. 

I wonder if anyone would even notice. If I were gone I wonder if anyone would think “Hm, where’s (name)?”

Maybe everyone else could be happy without me.

Sometimes, many times, I not even noticed. Hearkening back to my wall flower days in high school.

My family seems to hardly speak to me, except when they want something, and I’m almost always alone.

I have grown accustomed to being alone. I have learned how to be happy being alone. Just me and my thoughts.

I don’t always feel loved and I need to be reassured that I am loved and cared about every once in a while. Maybe that's why I'm searching for a special someone in my life.

How do I know they would even care if I just up and disappeared?

Maybe I will someday ... just disappear and see if anyone notices.


Josie06 Josie06
56-60, F
11 Responses Aug 24, 2009

So you see Lady you would be sorely missed by many that you know and I'll bet a few more that you don't know.

I know how you feel, sometimes its just like your another blank face.. everything can be so nihilistic sometimes. But yeah, i know what you mean and sometimes its just awful..

I would notice, but I feel the same.

Josie, EP would NOT be the same without you! I'd miss you terribly.

I would care. I haven't seen you around very much lately and I've missed you! Good to see you. :-)

This is so sad. Of course you'd be missed. I think we all take some things for granted, including people. hugs, Josie.

You Ladies are so nice, I'm glad you're here with me.

No- dont go I would miss you dearly-hugs

i would HUGS

I have felt like you. I'm sure I'm MUCH older than you are, but what I has taken me a long time to learn could be helpful to you now if you can start practicing this... I am now my own best friend. I have learned to love myself. When I start to feel badly, I say (aloud) to myself, "I'm here for you. We'll be okay. We always have each other." I have learned to take myself out and to enjoy time with me. I have taken piano lessons... I draw... I dance... I play guitar and I sing (A LOT). These things I do for and by myself in order to make me strong. I have found that by loving myself and enjoying me, I attract other people to me. I sometimes have to make excuses to find time for myself alone these days because of it. It is strange, but true. When you love yourself, others sense it, and they are drawn to you. That matters less than the fact that you become happy with you. You become complete in yourself. You become self loving and strong.

I would notice!! How are you doing?