Shocking, Isn't It?

I do have a HUGE attraction to blondes, as any of my closest friends could tell you. But not ALL blondes. And Brad Pitt is included in it. It's not that he's not attractive, in his own way, I can kinda see the appeal. BUT, he just doesn't show up on my radar. I am more apt to notice Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Matthew McConaughey. Whoo-hoo! :-D

Sorry, Brad... you're not that rad. To me, anyways. =p

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2 Responses Mar 25, 2009

It's nice to know you like blonds. (Smiles)

Right ON!! Matthew McConaughey is hot as hell. Leonardo was pretty smokin' in 'The Departed' - I like him as a bad boy - yummy! Orlando Bloom is a fine looking blond, too. Brad Pitt looked his best in 'Legends of the Fall' & 'Interview With the Vampire', but hasn't been the same since.