I Miss The Sharing

For whatever reason xRocks doesn't get the Meebo chat bar. I don't think it's anything to do with not being an 'EP supporter' - Isshe gets chat and she's not one. So this could all be sour grapes...

The chat bar has taken some of the sharing out of EP. Much of the communication here used to be on story comments and in scribbles, which meant that everyone could be a part of it. Yes, you could write PMs or send gifts, but it was slow and while you were waiting for the response, there was time to go off and read or do something else. EP used to be about flitting from shared conversation to shared conversation. It was fast-paced, dynamic, although the site used to get bogged down and slow sometimes.

Now the pace seems to have gone out of EP. Sometimes a story gets going and gets a bit of a comment conversation happening. But a lot of the time I think EP members must get stuck into one-on-one chats. They're fast enough that you can't really check stories etc. while you're waiting. More of people's personalities and stories are probably now shared using chat, than goes through stories and the rest of their profile.

I'm not sure that it's better.
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Ha ha it would be very right if, instead of popping up on the Meebo bar, chat requests popped up on your 'circle activity'...

Yay WiB! If only more were better at multi-tasking. Here I get to see how chat affects the way Isshe uses EP and I can only guess how it is for other people.<br />
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HH it is an afterthought here but it is a fairly major/ubiquitous change for the people that have it. Not as if Q&A or confessions keep popping up when you're in the middle of doing something else!

well I do use the chat function quite a bit sometimes ... but I tend to multi-task when I do ! ... lol. So, I'll be chatting to people and reading stories and commenting at the same time. But I've always done most of my chatting either in pm's or now in chat anyway .. I don't tend to get into long threads of chat on story comments anyway. What I'm saying (in a round about way) is that even though I do now use the chat function quite a bit, my story commenting and posting hasn't really been affected. I can see how it might for other people. I suspect that that is one of the downsides of the chat bar though. But I wouldn't like to see it removed.

I happen to really enjoy the stories and the comments...that is what attracted me to EP/ but I love the scribbles :-) Sometimes I share my thoughts on a blog…dc

I agree with you all and prefer the stories, comments, scribbles and what-not. I too take the messaging for any one-on-one stuff or even go into emails. I have not gotten into the chat scene yet either.

Yay!!! So it's not an EP conspiracy against males then. There goes that hypothesis. <br />
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Love the comments, JustWondering :)

I don't have the chat option either. I like the comments on stories that are public and the whiteboard scribbles and gifts and gestures. When something needs to be said in private there is always the chance to send a personal message, and that is enough for me. So, does that make 5 of us now? lol

lol Pam. I know there's a choice for those who have it, but having the facility it's impossible to resist using it!<br />
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You can switch it off, but if you do, I'm guessing at times you'd wonder why it was so quiet, when so many of your circle are online!

the male ego (and other things) can not have enough stroking.<br />
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Bring it on...

Okay, here is my perspective. Both of you are right. I like EP cause the stories are more personal and honestly depicted. Comments are positives and supportive. Most of all story stays open for anyone to comment , unless the author decides to delete story or any odd ball comments for which she has absolute right.

Surely it's not a strategy to convert some of the many male red dot EP members into paying subscribers??? lol<br />
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Steamy back and forth is even better!