I'm Not Selfish Because Of Depression

Is it selfish to not be able to get out of bed sometimes, when it feels like every fiber of who you are is burning in pain? Is it selfish to not want to help somebody, when you know you can't even help yourself? Is it selfish to not care about someones emotions, when you can't even feel or identitfy your own? Is it selfish to not go to work sometimes, when you know you can't move and would be a danger to yourself and others? Is it selfish to drop some thing you had planed with a friend tomorrow, when you can't see yourself making it pass lunch?
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It's like a chemical imbalance, and bad experiences and being misdiagnosed make it worse.

Without the proper medication, that just did NOT work for me many days. Even if I could for myself to get up for others, I was back. Depression is a horrible disease. It took all I had not to end my own life. I did that because I am a Mom @ I love my son more than anything in this world. I spent months, crying, miserable, some days never getting out of bed, trying medicine after medicine. Unfortunately, the main side effect of the meds was weight gain. By the time they found an even relatively effective medicine, I had gained 100 lbs. More to be depressed about. A few more drugs, pounds, gastric bypass surgery, diet & exercise later & my depression is finally "okay". Not great, but much better. Selfish? HA! You try it for a fee months & see what you think then..

Find someone who will kick your *** intill you get up and do those things. Helps. And no your not selfish people who don't go through it just don't understand.

There is nothing selfish about your feelings, depression is not something you pick up, put on, and decide to be despite others being insensitive and uninformed. You can do something about it, even without drugs depending on the severity, often times, people who are shut in get depressed, getting out, exercise, a walk in the park, music, hobbies, friends, are all of the things people really need to feel mentally ok, some need less, some need more, if you feel you have a severe problem, seek help ..but I dont really subscribe to the drugs are the answer thing...I believe the best thign to do is what makes you happy, are you over burdened by people who pressure you? That can be depressing, so when Im feeling low, I play music, dancercise, do something I love to do...but you are not selfish...instead of guilting you mabye they should reach out and listen to you, hug you and try to understand;) huzzzzzzzz*******")

No! that is not being selfish at all! <br />
<br />
Depression is an emotion that should be treated as a sickness, and people should go to the doctor and get a releif, in orther to enjoy life and see things in another perspective. <br />
You are to young...do it for you, look for help, and stay away from people or things or acts that puts you right there where you are at: not having any energy to enjoy life. <br />
LIFE is wonderful when your emotion are balanced.<br />
Please! I encourage you to lok for help, to improve your present life and to look for a brighter future.<br />
<br />
Good luck Girl!

I understand the feelings even if the reasons for those feelings are very different. Yes it is selfish, but sometimes in order to just survive we have to be that way. I think we all have a right to be as selfish as we need to get through each day the best way we know how. I'm sure there have been times when you have given others more of yourself than you could really afford and now is your time to look after you!

Well I think depression is caused because one is so sensitive and feels what God and the Goddess feel some feel more than others maybe over compasating for the rest of the planet,,,I really use to think that I did not have depression as bad as I have the manic side,,,but I do have depression,,,and sometimes it hurts my body,,,,and I believe I bring storms,,,my therapist says without a doubt that this is part of my psychosis,,,which makes me laugh at her,,cause I really believe,,,and did not jesus say with the faith of a musturd seed we can move a mountain,,,so why can't I bring storms,,,I can do anything,,,and so can you,,,just please bring your self to connect with The Father and Mother and you too can be cured from all that hurts you,,,,my daughter is very very mad at me right now,,,it hurts we can be so mean to each other sometimes,,,,she has not had me in her life that long and needs to open her own higher truths,,,and stop saying that I am so mean,,,what ever I need her up here with me,,,,well anyway,,,sorry for talking so much thankyou for your heart felt words,,,they moved my spirit,,,Love and Light Mary

*hugs you with love*<br />
<br />
i know exactly how you feel. i think you sould go see a counselour to help you with some things.i was leary at first and didnt work right away but if you want it to work..it will turn out good.