Poem..take The Time To Be Sad

one day a weak but strong souled women
Wished and wished that she could get out of bed
she heard a voice echoing thru her head
“I have heard you’ve been wishing” the voice says
“yes” the women cried
I cant get out of bed!
“I can grant you a wish to help you”
Says the voice
“Well….” Says the women
“I wish I had someone to help me get out of bed, but who?”
Okay says the voice “I give you a puppet master”!
The voice left and she was left in her own head once again
Suddenly her legs started to move, slid to the end of the bed and she was up once again.
She walked down stairs and out the door
But she was still sad and still sore
She went to the park and watched the children play
A man came alone and said I haven’t seen you in days
“you don’t look so well you should rest your head”
The women mumbles and shakes her head
“I didn’t understand one word you said
your out and about but you’re not all there”
The weak women looks up at him and says “I don’t care”
She walks away and heads to a cafe
The waitress asks what she would like to eat
The weak women replied I would like some coffee for i am weak
The weak woman stares at a man who has no hairs
Hes happy as can be
The woman thinks to herself, why can’t that be me?
The voice in her head came along again
“Are you not happy with your wish?
Ill exchange it for a different one if you like…”
“yes” says the women I wish to be that man over there,
The one with no hairs
The voice left
And she no longer felt her hair brushing her shoulder
And the man she was once looking at was her happily reading in a corner
She stares at herself watching her smile
And starts to cry
The voice comes back and asks why?
“nothings working” she says
its been me along
“do you want another wish? Says the voice”
“yes” I want it to be back to normal,
With me and my bed.”
I need to rest and I need to think
And I need you to get out of my head
I don’t need a puppet master and I don’t need to be a bald man
I just need to time to be sad  
bluegrassmanda bluegrassmanda
1 Response Dec 10, 2010

bueatiful story thanks for sharing,