The Tarnished Name Of Tech

When people think of electronic music, most things that come to mind are (boom sss boom sss boom sss boom)  or numerous drugs (candy) kids with backpacks, and lasers.  Now unfortunately a lot of those associations are the trend.  I've known many producers and Dj's of this genre and  some are misguided and are in it for the wrong reasons, and others create it for the vibe, and love of sound.  I for one do not promote drug usage with electronica, nor do I think people need them for an amazing experience.  I  love the energy involved in the making of it and the production, and I feel that I don't need a pill or boomers to fly with the music...  And this is coming from someone who had a binge of boomers and X for a while, and I don't think putting my body through such chemical shredding to really become one with a bass drop and slice back.  I love the music for what it does to me.  It makes me want to move my body... it makes me want to go primal, and I rise and cascade with it.  Most people are so quick to judge the genre because of all of its associations...  and people complain about the redundancy.... but if you think about it, any music you listen to is redundant, and the only thing separating it from electronica is the tempo, and lyrics.  Music doesn't always need lyrics to portray a feeling, nor does it require tripping out of your mind to enjoy.  In the end, I just feel that Techno, House, Trance, Break, DnB, Jungle, IDM, Minimal, and Acid has been tarnished by so many, and over looked by even more... when there is a wonderful world that exists in what is... Electronic 

Amastacia Amastacia
26-30, F
1 Response Feb 13, 2010

try sandstorm by danube and enomine.