Slow Tempo Allows Freedom

Another rant from me about the goodness that is electronica.  

So many people I know who like techno, house, trance or whatever actually dislike slower tempos.  As for me, I dance to the stuff and believe me, I love stuff in the 125 bpm - 140 bpm but there is a big part of me that also loves stuff in the 100 bpm - 115 bpm.  The reason I say that is because I feel like I have so much more freedom to dance to when the tempo is slower, and in ways it almost gets primal.  I love that!  Some fast tempos are so fast that you need to be rolling your face off to comprehend.  I don't need that in my life, so I'll stick with the slower tempos.....  there... my rant for the day.




Amastacia Amastacia
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9 Responses Feb 18, 2010

I would love for you all to stop by and listen to my electronic music. If you like it Fan me. *Warning... it is diffrent, but if you are open it will sweep you away... a good place to retreat fom 140BPM; I would love to hera your comments<br />

Yeah... Children is a nice track and has a lovely melody. Its weird.. I love either really melodic electronic or really gritty house.. Everything between is moderate hehe

robert miles plays this type of music,i think the best one is called children.

With electronic music you can break free of the restrictions of ordinary instrument ba<x>sed music,thats why i love it : )

lol... people say the oddest things

try robert miles children.

Kids, enjoy your music today, because it won't last long. That's why it's called "pop."

well said.. and I knew you weren't insulting... but thank you for your comments! and thank you ofr joining my group! <br />
I just stick to the 95 - 120 :) that range makes me happy lol<br />
<br />

I know its not a down tempo, but it is slow for a lot of house and techno.... but believe me, I have my fair share of 60 bpm - 95 bpm that I love just as much.... I was just meaning like the majority of it is higher bpm's. I just like to become the sound with my body, and not be sitting in the corner rocking back and forth because there is a 140 bpm gabber track shredding my brain lol