A Forum of Their Own

I really dislike when any person or clique acts like a public forum is "theirs", when they use the story boards to hold back and forth discussions with one another, flaunt their inside jokes on the same, that sort of thing.

It goes agains why places like this exist.


I've seen it happen other places, and I take it as my invitation to move on. I've seen it go to bizarrely inappropriate lenghts as well.

On one forum I belonged to, in fact I'd been invited by the originator to join it, it got to be the playground of these five people, so much so that newcomers were berated for saying certain things to one of these persons multiple personalities, and scaring the little girl one inside her. I mean it was ridiculous, so bad that the person who started and ran the place wouldn't come round anymore and eventually gave it over to them!


I've seen the same on other really big name sites, and I see some of that going on here...people really showing off about how close they've gotten to someone else that sort of thing.It doesn't make me feel jealous,  I just find it to be tedious rude behavior, and I don't feel like wading through it. I mean, clearly these people have private e-mail accounts, but no, they want to show off, so they carry out their business here for all to gawk at.


I'm not sure why some people feel they need to parade their friendships in front of strangers, like little show dogs. I mean, I guess we all come here because we want a chance to say our piece and get some attention, but enough already.



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2 Responses Feb 15, 2009

I seen that alot of Facebook,and thats why im no longer a member of it. I didn't join EP for a popularity contest. I just like meeting new people and become friends,without all the drama.

Thanks for sharing.