I Don't Believe In Gender Roles

I'll start with cooking. Out of all the couples I've eaten with, the best meals have been where the guy cooks. I don't think "women in the kitchen" existed before the 1900s. For example, some farm. The guy "labors in the field all day," then at harvest he has to take it to town. So that takes a few days... what does he eat? Leftovers that are rotting in the sun? Raw food. Expensive food at the tavern? Hell no! He makes a little fire and cooks up something! But I must admit, after he spent the day spreading manure with his bare hands, I doubt that his wife wants those hands above her food!
Next I'll take laboring in the field. Yeah, the dudes probably labor in the sun taking care of acres of fields. But, are those crude dudes gonna abuse her precious garden? Only if they wanna die!
I've heard of my Grandma hammering boards on windows before a hurricane, but never seen her. They stories don't say she smacked the boards and her thumbs. She hammered the nails! That must mean she had practice when she was young!
I am a firm believer that most stereotypes are a bunch of bs, and bs from recent times
hellimus hellimus
26-30, M
Sep 18, 2012