Gender Is So Much More Complicated Than The Sum Of Our Parts.

Gender is so much more complicated than the parts that we have. Plus gender has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Who I am attracted to has noting to do with whether I am male or female.


I know my gender is female, just as I know the sun rises in the east. Now, my body at this stage may tend to complicate or confuse that. None the less, I am female. My mind, my heart and my soul know even if the rest of me is still catching up. As a transexual I am a woman trying to correct her birth condition. I have a desire to be called Miss or Ma'am, and to be accepted as such.

I have the same hopes and fears as many other women, who were born with their body and mind in unison. Some women are born with a birth defect that causes their uterus and/or fallopian tubes to be non functional or even missing. Birth defects come in many forms and confuse and emotionally hurt everyone affected and their friends/family.

I tend to treat folks as they wish to be treated. Maybe I am being too black & white, leaving out the gray, but none the less if she chooses to be treated as a woman then that is what I will treat her as. Which is all we can ask of anyone to do for us.

I also start out by respecting them until they show me they do not deserve to be. Well I go back to something my grandparents taught me, that being: if it walks, talks, and acts like a duck ... well it must be a duck. Though they were speaking of something different at the time if fits this situation. If a person walks like a woman, talks like a woman and acts like a woman, etc ... then she must be a woman. Treat her as one.

Society should not place unrealistic notions on individuals. God made us all with a mind to understand ourselves and others. Society has no mind and understand only what it says are the mores that ALL should follow. Society forces upon us rules that were intitally concocted millennium ago and never changing. Rigid, never changing.


There is so much more than goes into make a person a person that just our outer wrappings. I believe we need to recognize that fact.

Josie06 Josie06
56-60, F
Feb 27, 2010