The Fire

Smoke invaded my lungs in such a forceful way
I stand screaming moving with no direction
Then the cool breath of fresh air like candy to my lungs
I told you then looking the damages I wanted us to leave

I still see the damages all around me and I
cry at the memory
You say you love me
As a matter of convenience you wanted to stay
Even when the money came you wanted to stay
Even knowing the memory and the damages still visible slightly
Now with the ***** over my head you have the nerve to think she some how superior than me
She ain't nothing
She can't bear to wash her skin a bathe would be too much
Yet she acts like she is being pleasured
A lie it is you who can satisfy self
A drug she worships and will do anything to get the next high
Even if she has to tell the next lie
I just want a decent night sleep
natalie343 natalie343
31-35, F
Jan 11, 2013