Is It Real?

I don’t really think that I believe in love…. It’s not like I’ve had many good experiences or have seen any good examples to make me believe, tho.  

My first boyfriend cheated on me and betrayed me and then died.  

My first fiancé was an alcoholic and beat me up, having no remorse, saying that I was getting what I deserved.  

I believe that I had very strong feelings, if not loved, both of these men, and they just abandoned me, so to speak.  

Then my parents turned their backs on me when I left my fiancé, saying that I was only leaving because there was someone else, not believing what I had been through.  

Somewhere in the midst of all this stuff my dad learned how to operate the computer and use the internet to find a new woman after being married to my mom for nearly 45 years and raising 7 children.  

He met this woman, had an affair and moved her onto our family farm. At least he didn’t move her into the house with my mom, but he did buy another house and move it onto the property.  

My parents are still together, and maybe that is the work of love, but I just don’t know. Everyone betrays everyone, so how can I trust anyone?  

Is love real?? How could it be??  

26-30, F
1 Response May 22, 2007

I second.