But Don't Hold It Against Me. I'm Just Not Sure...

See, having studied a little psychology and understanding that "love" is basically a chemical reaction in the brain that is attached to our survival and procreational instincts, I really have to wonder.  Or, are we getting love confused with our primal urge to procreate - an urge, that I might add, that has outlived it's usefulness.  The world is sufficiently populated, after all.  I think, maybe even believe, that now we're in a new cycle of human development where we can find a partner for life; someone who stimulates us intellectually as well as physically.  Perhaps that is love.  There's no more urgency to just procreate.  The human race will survive (unless we destroy ourselves, of course.  That's a different discussion).  Instead of being a key to survival, which is very broad, maybe love has become a quality of life thing more suited to the individual.  Either way, it takes two to tango, and I think, similarly, it takes two to live. 

Ah, bullshit. 

Damn.  I'm full of it tonight.  Make your comments quick, 'cause I'm prob'ly gonna delete this entry tomorrow.



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3 Responses May 23, 2007

Exactly, and, thus, the paradox. It's called dopamine. But, what triggers it is the mystery. Do we still have control over that, or is it just a chemical reaction like water evaporating when exposed to sunlight. Do we have any control, or are we just a small part of a much larger process? I want to believe that love transcends all things, and when we feel it, it is of our own volition and that is what makes each of us unique. But, isn't that what every human being seeks? Its individuality and its special place in time and history and in the universe... ???????

Sometimes you'll say yes, other times you will say no. Even scientists who do the brain chemical research still find partners they hug and kiss. Just because you know it's based in chemicals does not take from the impact that 'love' has. Our whole lives are based in chemicals, doesn’t make us feel any less real.

It's a lot to swallow but a good feeling in the end...hang in there ;)