For Every Best Intention.

Sometimes, no matter how much insight, balance, wisdom, centredness or rationalising you can summon, it's just not enough.

All the collective pressures, failures and flailings; mistakes, disappointments and hopes; the expectations, desires and eternals; just, everything.

Sometimes it just feels like I can't do it; it's just easier to shrink back into the smallest life possible.
TheTardyDodo TheTardyDodo
31-35, M
5 Responses Jun 10, 2007

That's when you breath in deeply, say a prayer & try to forgive those who need to grow! You are a kind person & why allow anything to disrupt your way of being!? L, Wolfie

At times we are just not ready for decisions making... regardless how many advise we heard from every corner..we just can't do it.. Reason is because we are unsure..and we have fear in us.. Hence keeping away and low are the best solution till we are ready to face it..

I believe in you. :)

I'm always surprised when I shrink into my small life how many people are hanging out there. Some of the worst moments in my life are the ones when I realize there is actually something that I cannot do/fix/make better, no matter what. Then again the greatest moments are when I realized I did it anyway by accident.

You know all your efforts will pay off, just stick with your path, its a constant effort I know sometimes. And I think its okay to give yourself a day off when you need it but don't let yourself sink.