Sex Is Essential For Life

To those who are living without a sex partner, can use self pleasure routine.. and they do. It's acceptable form of sexual behaviour. Age has lot to do with sexual desires but mind needs sexual fantasies to stay sane.

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13 Responses Mar 6, 2010

yes, you are so right. Great!<br />
Can you please add me to your friends?<br />
Thanks, hug, L.

Sexual fantacies will stay 4ever despite a real thing.......<br />
Anybody would surely prefer the real thing but self pleasure routine too stays back always...<br />
LOL xoxo

That's true, SB.

@will always wonder, Agree whole heartedly cause we need our space and our own ways. A real McCoy does the magic for sure, but moment alone and day dreaming has it's own charm.

The real thing is wonderful...but sometimes its nice to just be alone and use your imagination..

I'm in agreement. While nothing trumps the real thing, a little bit of imagination can go a long way. :)

But the real thing stays King!

rw5453, you are right!

When the real thing is not available (illness or injury to wife, you wouldn't want me cheating on her when she can't participate) you do what you got to do. Self pleasure or live without really are your only options. I don't like living without

I agree with you natycuevas, Real thing is what I need too. mmm. If it's not real its no fun.

I've tried but it isn't really something I enjoy doing. I think I need (well, i dont need..i want) the real thing lol.

Sounds right

Very well said !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Joie B. from Pa. USA