Should I Stay Or Go

2 years ago my husband had an affair. We were still having sex but it was without the spark.

He went off with someone half my age. Sex only. I fell in love with my best friend. All because of lack of commumication from his part and not putting enough into the sex side from my part. I even told him I couldn't remember what an ******* was like. Oops...your not meant to say that!!!

So according to the councillor. I would not stay with my best friend...he was my ticket. My "husbands" wants to save the marriage but every time I try, I just land up more hurt.

He is a good guy. We both made mistakes. Just want to be happy again and really can not feel he will make me feel this way.

I don't mind him around. He is not working which does not help. I am a business lady and find it easy to get marketing jobs. I do freelance so I can be with kids in the afternoon. This does not help me with my "knight in shining armour" idea.

We have two houses and v large overheads and I'm running the show. This I don't want.

When is enough enough??

Sharrron Sharrron
41-45, F
Mar 11, 2009