Mississippi Burning

I have been told that I must watch this film because it is very important part of history

It is horrible watching the film and realising that this really did happen


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I dont know, it's weird but for some people it just never comes up, never an issue and for others it defines them. But then I guess it all has to do with peoples experiences, histories and family histories.

Yup. I came to the belief that racism was more an economic issue than anything.

so true, jimmy. i didn't feel it my place to mention the 'doctoring up' that hollywood did since i never watched it. but i do know about the exaggeration. you'd be surprised at how many americans do hold the people of my fine state in the time warp...as if we still need to be taught a lesson. there are far more good things that many refuse to recognize. such as tolerance. our love for each other. our attempt to move forward while being held back by the media, etc. we are at the top of the list of poorest...and also at the top for most charitable....of all 50 states. something to think about. i'm proud of us. <br />
and yes, there are still racists...EVERYWHERE!

Yes, it is everywhere and every race .. :(

Ohhhh I remember watching that and "A time to Kill" which was filmed in my hometown, in central mississippi. And I remember the kkk having a little march in my hometown when I was in class in the 8th grade. It angered me a lot but I also kept in mind that racism is everywhere, not just mississippi.

I've seen it when it came out and have seen it a couple of times since. I also was horrified by the story -although the scenarion was not a representation of what really happened for reasons only Hollywood has the secret of.<br />
Being from Europe with an interest for history, I of course knew about the racial issues in some areas of the world, so the story didn't come as a surprise to me.<br />
And I would never go so far as to condemn a whole state when it has only been just a handful of people who caused all that crap... : (<br />
American history has many pages; mostly "good" ones too. This was just one of the more grim ones.


i've never watched it. i lived it. yes, it was horrific. i only hope that those of you here don't hold the view of the state and it's people as a whole with the same disgust that you feel about the movie. :'(

A while ago, a boy at work who is a 'looked after' child, came into school wearing a white hood. He sat there telling the TA about the KKK because his granny had let him watch the film.<br />
<br />
He shouldn't have ever watched that film at the age of 5.

I've never heard of it. I'll have to look for it and watch it. Thanks.

Watch. Remember. Promise to stand up and never let it happen again. Then, STAND UP WHEN ANY RACIAL REMARK IS UTTERED!<br />
<br />
We are doomed to repeat that history which we forget. BETHE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD!

I agree Airbournedevil <br />
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I left school at 14 years and am very ignorant in so much, especially history.

I watched most of it and now just feel numb