I Just Dont Think I Deserve It

there are times when i just think, 'why do i deserve friends, i'm horrible, i shouldn't have friends, why would they want to be friends with me?' i know you shouldn't think like that, but i do, and it's just like i don't think i deserve friends, or people to listen to me. i feel like all i do is complain, and i'm selfish, even though i've been told i'm the least selfish person my friends know, but i find that so hard to believe and take in. i hate accepting compliments, why would people really care, why would they care about me?
sezy sezy
18-21, F
2 Responses Aug 14, 2007

Sometimes, people are friends with as much for our faults as our good points. <br />
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And sometimes, people just friends with other people for no particular reason at all. I once had a good friend whose behaviour was at times erratic, eccentric, self-centred and not always all that logical. But I was her friend just because I was - friendship binds people in unexpected ways. And, as it turns out, the more positive character attributes prevailed as she grew older. <br />
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One thing though - if you still find yourself wondering, then wonder no longer... give them a reason to be your friend by putting your insecurities aside for and just being a good friend to them :)

Of course you deserve friends! Everyone deserves someone to listen to them. Even though you say you hate compliments you seem like a really nice person and not selfish at all. Maybe you just aren't letting people get to know you.