I Love You, Tiger..now And Always...

When I saw the name of this group, I couldn't believe I'd never thought of it before!!   Right this minute, you sit beside me looking for a job.  Not only a job that will insure our future and your ability to pay the PB....but one that will actually be  intellectually challenging.  You've been doing exactly what you're doing now, for years...with no seeming effect of the overall productivity of the processes for which whos quality it is your job to assure.   I know how hungry you are for something new..and how long you've been hungry for it.  I want you to know, baby, even if you get depressed about things like  this, it WILL be ok.... whatever happens, as long as we're together, what the **** else matters???  You have all this stress on you and I don't blame you for feeling burnt out and feeling unfulfilled in both your job and your online relationships.  You said to me "it's getting depressing coming here.", because your friends have not kept in touch.  But..you know what I think?  If you want to hear from your friends, write some stories!!!  Isn't that how you got to know most of them , and they you , in the first place?  Write, baby!!!  Let your creative juices flow, and take your mind off all this bullshit for a while...write about anything...anything...JUST WRITE.....please!!  Your will is iron strong, baby...and I believe that no matter what happens, you will always do your best for me, and we will ALWAYS be together!!  I know you, Tiger, better than anyone else....I know the awesome person you really are....inside.  Put it out there, again, baby....let everyone one else see the man I love..my Tiger...sexy, sensual, smart, strong...my Donny...let them see you, my love...and you won't be able to keep them away..I don't THINK...I KNOW that you are special!!!!

lonesurvivor lonesurvivor
56-60, F
May 4, 2010