I have some personal grudges against the movie maybe, but the real reason that i am not interested is because of the outrageousness of it. Fake stuff, showing what india is like? Huh? Get a life, india is much more than that, and as for slums, that is not the life of people there. Just make a movie that can touch people's emotions, press the right buttons, and bag the attention due to the real thing. It is nothing but another fiction in line, copied from a book Q. and Ans. written by my best mate's father's junior. The book did not even make it big, because it was never publicized as that. And well, dont tell me to first watch the movie and then say, because I have had enough glimpses of the movie, and believe me it was not worth the amount of attenton it bagged.


And as for the suffering of the kids and blah, let me tell you, in india slums exist because people refuse to work, they choose begging as their own profession, just sit out on a corner and people will drop by some money, if you want to see the reality to it watch the movie TRAFFIC SIGNAL, it too maybe a little exagerrated but its true. Government each year offers them jobs but you see the guys are too good to accept them.


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yeah not everyone i know but you know slumdog was a fantasy in fact its writer is a friend of father of my closest mate from school. But all i wanted to say was that the kind of india they depicted is not true at all...

well, we have similar problems with our gipsies, or romanies, or whatever you want to call them. They get opportunities to work, but they refuse. We don't have slums but there are many areas like this. I can understand, but don't put everyone in the same sack.

Are you indian?

Were they supposed to depict everything about India? No, this movie is about a personal story of a child growing up in the slums of India. It isn't a geographical documentary.<br />
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Kids are abandoned by their parents, they have no other way to survive than to resort to begging. I know that people go to Mumbai to find a better life for themselves, because they have NOTHING to begin with. And they do work VERY hard, by lugging sacks of garbage over their shoulders all day just to get a coin in return. They do a lot of labor, all they do is work in and out. <br />
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What do you expect, for these people to get into high-profile jobs when they weren't even educated because they were too busy trying to feed themselves and their children? It's obvious the government doesn't do much to help these people. I know they're trying to clear out the slums and put up apartment complexes, which will only house about a quarter of these people. <br />
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Sometimes people can't get out of the situation they were put into. It's not their fault.