It Just Struck Me...

There are people I really like on EP or people who make a great first impression on me, but I find myself only adding favorites. I would like a Guru... not necessarily an EP Guru, a real-life Guru, and yet even thinking of the people I love and admire the most - I don't think I would call them actual Gurus. It struck me today that I like being inspired by people, but feeling like I'm making my own way in life. Just a thought. I found this realization interesting.

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4 Responses May 19, 2009

Hi solarxmoon and crackdmoonstone<br />
Don't knock it if you haven't tried it! My wrestler Poet Guru would hurt you bad for saying that! (She made me say it) Seriously though lighten up! I only sit at her feet and learn whatever she chooses to tell me because I want to. <br />

I agree with what you've said. At one point I would have really liked to have had a "guru"-like person (in general, not necessarily on EP) too...but I've come to find that I can't give someone else that kind of power. Calling someone a guru is so significant- it's like you trust them to teach you everything- it's a very high honor- yet I want to decide for myself what I think is true or not, and what I want to learn in life. I could never just "sit at the feet of my guru" and learn whatever they choose to tell me.

Yes, I know what you mean. Ironically, I think the reason I wrote this was because I'd sort of like to have a Guru - I just find myself being so serious about one...

hi<br />
Good on you! Be your own Guru always. I got round it choosing specialist Guru's. Nothing wrong with wanting to learn from someone else. I have a powerful Poetry Guru. She is a 7 foot tall wrestler who is strict but is a very good poet. I am trying to get a moJo Guru but she has yet to decide. I have a Guru Guru who is amazing so that makes sense. I have another Guru but I am his Guru so that is OK too. I am have some Gurees. It is cool. Enjoy ep!<br />
friends?<br />