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I've wet in my sleep my entire life, but I think it was in 1996 that I finally started wearing a diaper to bed. Before that I would just **** the bed. Then about 2 years ago my daytime bladder control had faded so much that I decided I better wear one all the time, after I had an accident in my jeans at a party. Now my diaper is almost always wet to some degree, more and more my bladder just does what it wants, and I have little say over it. Last night at a party I was talking to a friend, and with zero knowledge that I even had to go, I just realized I was ******* myself, and couldn't stop it. But it didn't even interrupt my train of thought, I just kept on talking to my friend. No one but my wife knows I need diapers, but I suppose the day will come when word gets out, my diaper may leak, or someone will notice a bulge. I'm not even sure I would care if everyone knew anymore.

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1 Response Sep 8, 2012

<p>I love when you can just find yourself carrying on with life, as routinely as possible, and your diapered state finally settles is as "the new normal". To be able to just let your body pee when it chooses to, as opposed to holding it until you can find a toilet, seems like much better medicine for the masses.</P><br />
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I do think we worry too much about what others think, but that's just human nature, too. I wholeheartedly believe that if all of our friends & family knew of our wearing, once they gave it some thought, they'd have to agree, no harm is done as long as it's kept private. People with this disability don't run around telling everyone "hey, I'm wearing a diaper. What do you think of that???" I'd guess they just maintain their dignity in the presence of others, and cope with those that notice and think it's some kind of a big deal. I've gotten to the point where I consider those around me, but I don't make many changes in my appearance to overcompensate. I just wear loose fitting slacks/shorts and longish t-shirts. At night, the bedroom door is locked and I can roam freely in my bedroom & bathroom in my diaper only. My life. My choices. <br />
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Good for you, Teo, that you're feeling comfortable enough also to just deal with whatever comes along. No need to shock anyone, but no need to worry ourselves into a tizzy, either.