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One spring one of my high-school mates, a good friend of mine, got married. He and i, as well as his gf/fiancee/now wife, all went to the same university. My mom and his mom had become close friends so one day my mom came up and we went to the wedding together.

Of course, there was the issue that mom was Catholic, as was i at the time, and the wedding was in a protestant church. i had no ache with it.

But mom started flipping out about the flowers, the groomsmen, the dresses, everything. i realized that if she was that high-octane about another man's wedding, how would she react to mine? There would be no way i could enjoy any of it. Yes, it is about the bride, not the groom... but shouldn't the groom be able to have a tiny bit of the fun?

My mom's anger would have ruined my wedding.

So i decided then that i could not get married so long as my mother lived. Trouble was, by then i was firmly convinced she was capable of anything... except dying...

So i waited her out and finally she died. And now...

i am simply not comfortable with that much attention paid to me. Any mistake, any gaffe, everybody remembers it forever... i don't take social rejection very well. hence, i don't really date. Kind of cripples the whole idea, doesn't it?
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It's just one important day out of your entire life and just another regular day for most of your wedding guests.<br />
<br />
Believe me: nobody cares about anybody else enough to remember somebody else's wedding day. If your wedding is a disaster, most people won't remember or care.

i care, and i would remember. But thanks.