Just Don't Think So...

I have to keep this short and sweet because I have to leave here soon but the reason I don't think I'll ever get married or have kids is because of the extreme trust issues I have. And it just so happens my trust issues are the worst when it comes to men. Because of all of this...I can't seem to get close to a man. So I don't think marriage is and option for me...you have to be able to trust the man you marry right? You have to be able to get close that person right? I can't do either.  So the whole marriage thing just can't be in store for me.
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Trust" is a (choice) but it"s also; "a gamble". In our day & time; "getting out of bed is a gamble"- so, what is it that you fear? (failure?) We all fail. <br />
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All of Our failures are also our "mystical teachers" -you already (suspect) that you'v been in this world before- so, what is it that you fear...? Not all fear's are lesson-based."

me. too. the way arpound the trust issues for me is just to accept in advance that people are going to let you down, so you can't rely on them anyway. it's all part of the equation of how much you're willing to be let down before you get out of the relationship. then life goes on. nothing is forever.

I'm confident that you'll be able to trust someone... I have never really been secure around men either, but I found the one man I trust completely and I'm married to him. Things can happen, the man you marry will not be part of the pattern of trust issues, and your relationship may take a lot of work before you're ready to marry him, but I'm sure it can happen for you.

i sure one time you will find your true love and then you will learn to trust....best luck to you