this is probly a bad way to think but, i dont think im worth enough for any guy
zombiedoll zombiedoll
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how about you deciding who's "worth enough" to you, instead? they should be so lucky... <br />

don't compare yourself to other people and live your own life. Things will fall in place. You are worth it. Everyone is. The right person never just never crossed your path. If you are still waiting, you still have hope. The hope will guide you. Just have fun while you can. Don't follow the trends of when you should date. As you grow so will you needs. They will change on you. That will also give you better choices. Same thing will happen to the guy. His needs and wants will change and maybe you will be just what he is looking for. So, hold your head up proud, have fun and keep an open heart. Good luck! :D

that's too bad. I think you are awesome.<br />
perhaps you just haven't met him/her yet. give it time.