I am lonely in this marriage , my husband had gave up on life .I know we have been through a lot together ,but I never gave up on our family ,I still try hard . I love him to death but I can't take it any more ,it's killing me a little by little .All I keep thinking about is our six year old boy who is in the middle of 2 miserable parents ,we both give him the world .but I don't want him to see how sad we are .we are going to see a therapist This week ,but honestly I don't think it's going to help . I'm only going to be able to say at least I gave it everything that I have got to make it work .Im sad and frustrated and angry ,because I fought hard to be with him . My family is very religious ,but I left everybody for him.
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Is it depression he has? Or has he given up on u? Or is he controling

I see u r not happy because his not. Is that all? Why is he not happy? Love to understand xx

He is not happy at all ,I think he gave up on life ,because we went through a lot in the last seven years but I'm still standing.

Dose he work? If yes still going each day? Play with his child or mind him when u have someyhing to do?

It could be controlling in a way too ,honestly I don't know I'm so lost right now.

Ill try help you work it out. Just need a bit more info.

Like what ?

Thank you so much ,I'm not give up in just yet.

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Thanks to all of you for your support ,being on here is a really good thing .

Why has he given up?????

And what has he given up on??

So have you tried to rekindle your marriage like go on dates, go place with no running water , camping , hicking, anything that takes the both of you to a new place! Where you both have to count on each other!! It would be maybe bring you closer!!

Don't remodel the house that well separate you quick !!

You two need to do things that both of you like!! It might help !! Sometimes we grow apart!! We don't mean to but it happens because we don't do things together! And we have different experiences and we just aren't as close as we was !! That is why you and him need to do things together !! It might bring you both together !!

I tried he dosnt want to do anything anymore ,all he wants is to be left alone and watch movies .he stopped doing the things he likes to do .

So he's in a sever depression ! That not good has he seen a doctor ?? My husband had depression and a sleep problem after we got both of these fixed now he is busy again!!

He been going for the last 4 years , it's too much ,I gave it a long Wait

Is your husband undergoing depression?

I wish your family the best. If the therapist doesn't think counseling will help they will tell you. Stick with it and follow your heart.

Good luck

Thank you

Wow that really sucks, u are good looking 2 i dont understand why u guys get sad , i hope it goes better for both and hope u see the light in life again ;o) and u probably have a nice kid , ur husband needs to be positive again , what is the issue? God bless you