You Just Know I Think

i've always wanted children i've planned it since i was 14 im now 20 but just have this gut feeling and i know i never will, i'll never experience pregnancy, child birth, listening to the child crying out because they are so vonrable and need you, they're first laught, their first giggle, they're first word, watch them take thier first steps im going to miss out on so much isn't that the goal in life? your born, you reproduce, you die?well, that was my goal in life and i just watched all my hopes die i don't really care what happens anymore because i know i'll never have that experience.
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2 Responses May 20, 2010

20 years old and youre that sure of your future? when i was 20 i thought i never wanted kids, changed of course. when i was 20 i thought i wanted to be a lawyer,now im a soccer mom and i love it. when i was 20 i thought id be best friends with lisa forever, she lives 2 blocks away but we only talk when we run into eachother at the arena. Youre only 20 once, enjoy it. start worrying about babies at 30.

what makes you think you won't ever have a child? i'm starting to lose hope myself but that's because nobody wants to be with me.