Ultimately we aren't the final authorities in the matter of judging ourselves. Our opinions of ourselves are just that: our opinions. We can be wrong also. And with that disclaimer out of the way, I think that I'm not flaky. Like I WILL follow through on something I say. Even to great cost. Whereas I know a few people who think nothing of just dropping out. Not giving much care or thought to the impact of their actions to the other people. Even in "casual" relationships, we quickly develop a sense of accountability I think. Perhaps whether we realize it or not. (I could be wrong). If we ALL would be careful to be consistent and caring enough, maybe there would be less cynicism, less disappointments. But what I'm talking about is Utopia. I know..................... I'm lucky most of my friends aren't flaky. xx :-)
Evania Evania
41-45, F
1 Response Aug 8, 2010

I was once extremely flaky, but I was an honest flake. I would tell you up front that I was scatter brained and prone to forgetfulness and thoughtlessness. That said, as I've gotten older and realized that this is absolutely no way to nurture relationships, I have tried my best to be less of a flake. <br />
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As you so aptly put it, if we would all be careful to be consistent, the world -would- be a much better place. We all play a part in the greater scheme.. so we all can make a difference in it.