I Suppose He Was Right All Along

When my ex and i broke up, he said that i would never find another, because i was so "damaged". I suppose hes right.
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To a certain degree you are damaged but that doesn't mean done away with it just will take some time for you to heal like with anyone else who has gone through a break-up. Of course he will say something like that hoping that you will believe it and perhaps you do at the moment but the pain and hurt will diminish with time.<br />
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You don't need to rush into another relationship give yourself time to go through everything and only after that when you are ready to open up your heart and feel like sharing yourself completely with sonmeone then and only then will you be ready to reciprocate love.

What a load of BS from your former boyfriend! You are well rid of him IMO! He is trying to make YOU feel bad because HE does not want to take any responsibility for the failure of the relationship.<br />
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It takes two to make - and to break - a relationship. Believe in yourself - you DO deserve love and happiness in your life.

don't underrate yourself.. don't try to find someone jus for the sake of provin ur bf wrong.. move on... u'll find someone soon....

I don't believe him, I really don't. You'll find someone .. or someone'll find you.