Let Me Be Honest.

I am not girlfriend material.    I quite obviously fail at even the simplest acts of human contact lately...what I want to convey never breaking through the defenses I've built around myself.

While thinking of what I was going to say in this story I asked myself..."What would I even have to offer in a relationship?"

The honest answer was "...absolutely nothing."   I've also realized I have more baggage than I previously thought....and its heavy. I'll not be burdening anyone else with it anytime soon.
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1 Response Aug 11, 2010

Don't feel bad about it. I feel the exact same way about myself... Maybe you're not the "average, typical person". A lot of people I see today (mostly couples) have the same boring quality that I see everywhere else! Why waste your time? I'm not. I know I'm not like other people and that's very intimidating. I have issues, too, but I learned that no one will help me with them. So, I keep it to myself. I'm pretty de-tached and everyone takes my actions personal. Basic human socialization is very boring, mundane, and complex. Once you've figured everyone else out, the fun is gone & you're by yourself again.<br />
I know I'm not gf material, either. But knowing this just makes us self-aware.<br />
Once I let go of the conformity of the "girlfriend complex", I'm more outspoken than ever! So screw society and be "you". Forget the "mold" and independently take steps toward your baggage, if you want. If not, that's ok because you have already accepted yourself!