Am I Pretty At All??

Hey, Guess i joined this group for the same reasons as others..i dont feel like i am pretty enough. I am a bit self-concious in the sense that i dont care what people think of me to an exent. I guess you yourself really are you own worst enemy. When i look in the mirror on those rare occasions i hate what i see looking back at me..and i know i want to change it..i want to look pretty...but thats what i dont understand..i know im pretty sumwat, i guess im just blinded by the societys view on what girls and woman are suposed to look like. if i wasnt then i wouldnt have to ask myself if everytime i heard a guy call me cute, cutie, hot, etc. i  think that he doesnt actually mean that..and hes just saying it to be polite...half of the time when i join sites i dont put my picture up because i know how cruel some people can be and i don't want to get hurt for just looking the way i look..i guess wen i get comfortable..ill un-blurr my picture on here..but i doubt if thats gonna happen anytime soon

I know that everyone is pretty in their own way, but i dont feel like i am...i look the same as i did when i was 15, the same face that ive always known, and used to love i want to believe that im not just merly pretty but beauitiful...maybe i can kinda show you what i mean I really really like this quote:

Just once I want someone to look at me and right away think I'm beautiful; not after they get to know me, Or after they see inside my soul...just me. I want to walk into a room & light it up not blend in

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Yea, lol i dont supose you have any advice on how to get rid of this feeling lol?

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I feel you there! I'm exactly the same way.