Not As Horrible As Some People Think

Lots of people associate bad things with Iowa.  They think about long unending cornfields, small towns where the population is mainly hicks, and teenagers who graduate high school to go on to a long career at mcdonalds. 

Well I want to point out the good things about Iowa.  I have to admit that for a time I lived in a small Iowa town.  And I was bored out of my friggin mind.  There were corn fields on every side of the town and a few of our citizens were the true definition of red neck.  But that's not all Iowa is.  Iowa has some truly decent colleges, and not all its cities and towns are hickvilles.  Ames, Iowa city, Cedar Rapids and Des Moines are good places to visit.  

While I am definitely not an Iowa fan, I don't think its a bad place, nor would I willingly move there if I had another choice.  But when people bad mouth it I get a little touchy.  It may not be the most exciting state in the country, but its not a horrible place either.  If you're from Iowa and you hate that state with a passion, then I just have to tell you, you haven't been to the right places. 

SerenaDragonfly SerenaDragonfly
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2 Responses Mar 2, 2009

iowa looks like a nice place to me,it represents a large part of american lifestyle & culture.the actress jean seberg was born in marshalltown,she was absolutely gorgeous!

Oh, I never thought that Iowa is a bad place. Comparing it with Afghanistan, I think, it is a heaven!