I Really Can't Say Anything Bad About Iowa.

It's quiet here. I live in a small town near Sioux City.

Sometimes it can be a little bit hard to get to places you desire to go to. Walmart, a shopping mall.. just about anyplace to go out for an even dinner or movie. That is okay though. I can deal with driving a short way. I like driving anyhow.

I do wish there was a little bit bigger population around here though, friends are a little bit scarse.

Skunktails Skunktails
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4 Responses Mar 3, 2009

I understand that. Good luck with moving later this summer.

alas, I am still here. . .going to move durring summer though. I don't like to admit what state I live in online, because I'm cautious. But I guess if I don't mention what area I'm in it'll be okay.

I take it you moved? Did you move out of Iowa, or just into a larger town?

Yeah, I know how that feels. I lived in a small town half an hour away from the nearest city. We had a couple small buisnesses in my town, but they were more expensive than what you could find at wal-mart. Also, no book stores or movie theaters. Driving half an hour to get to an actual store or theater isn't that bad though.