I Gotta Stop Rhyming

ha. i dont think it's not working, i KNOW it wont. but that's me for ya, i just dont give a damn. i guess im still like a little kid in that regard, still just kinda searching for th impossible. problem is, im so frickin determined. which makes me an idiot. now i sound like i have self esteem issues. i dont think i do...maybe it's so tho. who knew? i gotta stop rhyming. thing is he says he loves me. i know it's a lie, and chances are hes just lookin to get laid. but i dont care....by now im probably impossible to hold onto, i am so f**kin complicated, damn my past. oh well...could be worse. i could be bleeding out my eyes. actually, thatd be kinda cool...my gosh i am sick

wildlark wildlark
18-21, F
3 Responses May 7, 2007

lol nice

Hey, it looks like you managed to stop rhyming. <br />
<br />
And when you're online, there's no miming.<br />
<br />
Nor any sense of comic timing. <br />
<br />

ROFLOL! Bleeding eyes might "look" cool, but I don't think you want them to be YOURS! Still, this piece was disturbingly amusing! Don't worry about being a complex person; makes you an interresting person to know!