You Are So Lucky

it must be amazing having someone adore you. i mean ppl adore me, but just for my looks. i cant find anyone (maybe not even andrew. i wouldnt know...) who genuinely loves me (other than family)....who would love me if i was ugly. i dunno if they exist, b/c i remember when i was ugly, and i remember how many ppl just loved me oh so much lol...i was pretty twisted back then tho....but still no one even TRIED to even help me (i know im bein redundant sp?). oh well. they gotta be out there th meantime i can deal with empty lustful stuff as a relationship, it's a step up from where i used to be at least.

wildlark wildlark
18-21, F
3 Responses May 10, 2007

rock on lol and thank you both

Its true that a lot of people see us for our outer appearance and not for who we really are. Thats why over the years I have learned to recognise people who respect inner beauty as well. They aren't always easy to find but you will notice that these type people make the best friends and lovers. So when you find a person who can look beneath the surface cherish them and you will more likely have a lasting relationship. I also learned early on that you have to be able to see the inner beauty in others yourself to be able to identify the people who aren't shallow. I remember liking guys solely on their looks! If they weren't hot then forget it! Not anymore though! I have learned to look beyond all the physical stuff!

dont worry about it. im sure you will find the one who loves you for who you are. and not just for your looks, but for who you really truly are.