A Break From Internet Could B Half The Answer ....if I Tried More..

leaving forever isn somethin i would like to do. havin a break is needed but is hard ..  im only makin things worst instead tryin more..

amysangels amysangels
22-25, F
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We hope your doing ok...in our thoughts and prayers~ Miss you big as the ocean~ Miss the many many hugs! tears...but' happy tears as long as you found inner peace~what you wish...miss the stories` just miss you!Lov always~

Hi amysangels<br />
whatever you think is for your best.<br />
always a delight to hear from you though.<br />
Best wishes<br />

Sleep well, sweet one...

i ll see ..<br />
*goin to bed soon*<br />
<br />
big hugs sylph*i understand

I'm glad I stayed, too. *hugs* The strangest part is... when I was seeking for those answers (though they are imbedded in this faerie-head), I needed to hear it. And well... it's finding the right person to talk to, or in this case, to connect to... and epeeps whacked the faerie's head to help her see and listen.

internet helps n not helps... if my mind wasn so..*thinks words but doesn say* it would b ok ..<br />
im glad u stay here sylph..<br />

It always seems it is the answer, Amy. I've tried a couple of times... and I won't say the faerie failed... but there is just something about EP that helps the faerie find herself.<br />
<br />
My therapist suggests to spend more reality... not the internet. But she never said to leave EP. So the faerie is still here.<br />
<br />
Hope you find your answer. *sprinkles faeriedust on Amy*

love u mom,hugs


Leaving forever is a big no, no, me thinks my young friend!,. Okay a small break away from it may do some good, but i find it hard to stay away for too! long now, as i have made, numourous! wonderful friends :) I would miss conversing with you all!! :) Thank you for sharing your post my darling! :)