It Is True After All!!

So I am in Barcelona at the moment on work and I went out with a bunch of colleagues to a night club .. great music .. pretty nice crowd .. some really cute girls/women!

I am not really shallow but I must say I normally am attracted to very good looking women .. I am not a bad dancer if i can say so myself and i was getting a bit of attention from a few ladies .. and then there was this young girl (yes girl .. 20 yrs old .. average looking (without sounding mean) and cute) who was a fabulous dancer .. and she starts to dance with me matching move to move and next thing you know we are complimenting each other .. we danced for an extended bit and I can tell you we had such great chemistry and it felt so good to dance with her .. it didn't really  matter how she looked, didn't think about it at all .. we just had so much fun dancing .. things could have easily gone further but I was honest with her (I am married) and I decided to behave (I am not sure how i was able to gather the will power) but it was hard I can say coz we did have AMAZING chemistry .. and she was such an incredibly sweet girl too!

So it is true .. good looks are nice and a bonus .. but sometimes you can connect to someone in so many different ways or one specific way and then nothing else really matters .. I kinda feel less shallow now! :)))))

And to the young girl who danced with me .. you sure did make me feel very young again (she said I looked 24 tops and I am 33) and put a big smile on my face and made my night .. so thank you!!
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Jan 22, 2013