Quite Frankly, It Should Be Illegal

I have seen alot of women that "know their place" and it really upsets me how wrong they are. women are natural Godesses and should be treated as such. I wish more men would know their place. Without women, our entire existence would be impossible. Our bladders should be their play things. I don't even consider the male bladder to be an organ. Rather a toy. As in for a female to use at her whim. Men always claim to be stronger but yet have to pee? If we really were stronger we shouldn't need to pee. Women own our bladders. If we "need to pee", surely they would feel it, since our bladder is theirs. Just the fact that we even do pee is humiliating enough. Male pee s disgusting, gross, and vile, and should be kept inside the bladder at all times. That's what science books describe the bladder as. A urine container. I've never seen the word TEMPORARY in that description. No amount of time is too long. Frankly, I think we as males should consider ourselves lucky if the queens of the earth let us relieve "our" bladders once a week....
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50 Responses Dec 5, 2012

Whether I believe a female or male should regulate his peeing (my answer would be a male), the answer is simple. Just use and internal catheter 24/7 so that I cannot urinate voluntarily and someone else may easily control and direct the flow the flow. Ideally, the flow would be released into either a cloth diaper or into my pants/underpants.

This seed is a little bizzaire, even for Experdience Project. But to take a more nuanced view of the same topic, I would like to have a woman control my bladder for a day, deciding how much I could drink and when, if at all, I would be allowed tgo pee.
Then the next day, switch roles.

Do you want my email? You shouldn't have any say over your bladder at all. You don't deserve it!

You need training badly, my pet. So, you want me to allow you to go to the bathroom? You may go, but you may not use the toilet to pee in. You may use the sink, but you must request my permission to first.

Where did you go? Not to pee, because I didn't allow you to!

Do you work anywhere? If so, what times do you work?

Wouldn't that be like rewarding you for showing up to work on time, or paying your bills on time? You should do that anyway, right?

But I still own your bladder. Do you think that your effect should be rewarded?

That's impressive...

Good. Would you like to stand up, or at least turn over? Do you deserve to?

Now, lay on your belly on the floor, legs spread.

Not yet, but I will soon!

Quit squirming. I know you are! Hold still. I'm not ordering you a position yet.

Good. Hands off your penis! You may not touch it until I say.

Why the sad face? You don't own your bladder anymore, I do. Now, hold it for a bit longer.

Is that saying you're done? If so, are you still rock hard?

I think you are. Go and drink another large glass of water. Tell me when you are done.

Complain, complain. Are you thirsty?

Good, hold it while I decide.

Now, that felt good, didn't it?

Did you jack off? If not, do that, then i think about it.

As I said, peeing isn't an option! So tell me, how should I punish you? Candle wax? Clothespins? Rope?

Yes, I would enjoy making you suffer, and am enjoying it now :} (evil grin)

No, I wouldn't suck, but you would still not be allowed to pee! I may make you ***, though, against your will!

What if I was there, strapped you eagle spread to the bed, and did it to you anyway?

You're not allowed in the bathroom, so start stroking, but don't *** until I allow!

Now, isn't that much better? I could have you jack off?

No, that bladder is mine, not yours! You may squeeze your penis again, but stop squirming!

I didn't think you could. And you think I ought to allow you to use your hand? In my opinion, you should never be allowed to touch your penis again.

Are you standing still? Now, remove your hand from your penis. If you're good, I may allow it again soon.

Whether or not I allow you to touch your penis, peeing isn't an option. Stand up, spread your legs, and hold still.

You may squeeze it, but you may not stroke it, am I clear?

Ok, and can't say anything. I lived with my parents for about a year while I was having a tough time.

No, you may not go. It is not your bladder, but mine. Now, would you like to touch your little penis again?

How old are you? It says 22-25, but are you younger?

Now, press on your bladder, jiggle it. Do you hear it slosh?

Who lives with you? Mother? Dad? Sisters or brothers?

I'll bet your penis is rock hard, isn't it? Don't touch it! Have you touched it since I told you not to?

Do you live with family, roommate, or alone?

Right now, go and drink a large glass of water. That is for playing with your penis.

Good. Hands off your penis now. Don't touch it again without my permission!

I'll bet you're teasing yourself now, aren't you (squeezing your penis, stroking it)? You know if you ***, you will need to pee worse, right?

She may take you pants down somewhere outside, and instruct you to pee, or she may just instruct you to pee your pants in a public place. It may depend on your attitude, her desires, or both.

So, 1:26am. Does this turn you on (being controlled)?

Why is that? As you said, she owns your bladder, not you. As her property, you really don't even have the right to request to pee. When she feels your bladder is full enough, she will simply tell you to pee.

You may not go. You will hold it, am I clear? It's 2:20am here. What time is it there?

When owned, your pants should not have a zipper in the front, and your owner should use a chain and lock to keep them around your waist. This way, in public, you would have no reason to complain, because the key to the lock on the chain will be left at home. How do you feel about that?

First, you should not be allowed to pee in a toilet again. Now, that makes you going on your own impossible. When you express your want to pee, as you stated, your bladder should be felt of, and your owner decide whether you ought to pee or not. If your owner allows you to pee, it should be up to her where, when, how, and how much you are allowed. When did you pee last?

When you say the longest you've held is 18 hours, did you willingly go to a toilet to relieve your pee, or pee in your pants?

Very well thought out, very well worded. Now, realistically, how long have you held your pee? Have you held it for a week? How about 24 hours? If she owns your bladder, she can make you drink as much as she wants, right? I look forward to discussing this with you.