I Don't Think My Boyfriend's Family Likes Me

Me and my boyfriend used to fight...quite a lot, but I think his family felt that all the problems were my fault becauce my backround was so vulnerable compared to his.  I know they don't like me, I can just feel it, but it isn't fair because any problems that him and I had, they should not judge me for.  I am so uncomfortable with them not liking me.  My ex's family LOVED me and I felt so accepted, but my ex was abusive towards me.  This time my boyfriend does not abuse me, but his family doesn't like me and I dont know why.

LovesLove LovesLove
1 Response Feb 21, 2010

I can relate to you. My fiances family finds any excuse and reason to not like me. Recently his father and sister assulted me. He has numerous times in the past 6 years told them theres no need for the behavior. THey continue and it has gotten worse. When I was assulted I filed a report and told my fiance I love him and if he wants me to go for doing so I will. I refuse to take the abuse any longer, as his requests seem to mean nothing to them. I am still living with him and since the assult his family has not come to the house. They do this reguardless of wether or not his or my children are present. The only advice I can give you is to really look at the situation , and discuss it with him. Don't let them verbally, emotionally, or in any way get away with any type of abuse toward you. If he truly loves you -he will stand up to his family and let them know they need to accept his decision to have you in his life. It's ultimately your and his decision not theirs.