Emotional Desert

My husband and I have been married for 5 years and dated for 2, both in our 50s. 4 months ago I broke my leg at work. Since then I have had complications and am unable to put weight on it. I can not work, drive, grocery shop, clean house,cook, take a shower, etc. I am totally dependent on him for my most basic needs. I am also facing another surgery to repair the leg. During this time I have realized how little I can depend on my husband. When I ask for help with something as simple as taking a shower he doesn't have time. I spend my days totally alone with little interaction and my nights with no conversation from him I feel as though I am dying a little each day. Recently I really needed him to help me with a community based project that I have spent a year working on. I coordinate 11 communities in two states with an annual food drive and have been doing this for 15 years. It is something extremely important to me and to the communities that depend on this food. I was unable to drive to the central location and get things done that needed to be done on the day of the food drive. I begged him to help me and drive me there. He stated that he had never helped me in the seven years we had been together and had no intention of starting. Instead he went motorcycling. A years worth of work went down the toilet. The food drive was a failure. No one knew where to go what to. I had people phoning me extremely upset and yelling at me. There was simply nothing I could do. I am devastated. I have to deal with the fact that I may never walk without assistance and now the one person I counted on is not there for me.
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Hello, just read your story. I was looking on google because like yourself I am receiving no emotional support following spinal surgery. Like yourself I can,t look after myself and I am trying to do what I can. He will help me shower, feed, water etc but that,s all. He sleeps in another room and I don,t receive any comfort from him. The thing is he makes out to all that he is caring for me. Someone rang up tonight to ask how I was and he said , getting better all the time and I would be doing the great north run! Lol! I feel that he has not sympathy for me and he leaves me for very long periods on my own, sometimes for 6 to 8 hours . I feel like I am dying inside for some sympathy and comfort! Sorry to whine to you!