Pregnant And He Doesn't Take Care Of Me

Well I'm pregnant with baby # 2... he is happy about the thought of another child, yet being very unsupportive during the pregnancy.
I am feeling physically and emotionally bad, he just doesn't care...
He says that the nausea and the migraines are all in my head, and that it is all a lie just to get attention...This has gotten really worse to the point that i wake up at 4:00am and can't stop throwing up..everything I eat or drink goes back up... when that happens he doesn't even bother to ask how am feeling or if i need anything, he just acts as if I am not there and nothing is happening...
He doesn't come home, after work he goes and spends time with his friends (and lies about it that he is at a meeting but i got proves and witnesses! and his stories are very inconsistent), then when he finally gets home he goes like: I'm bored, lets go out.... and I am like: I have a horrible headache that wont go away and i haven't stopped throwing up the whole day..... he goes like: those are just excuses to stay home....
then he knows every time I go in the kitchen and see food and smell food it triggers my nausea..but since he complains that now I don't "take care" of him I got out of bed when he asked me to get him something from the kitchen.... conclusion, i just opened that door and had to smell the kitchen to end up hugging the toilet.... did he care? no!
like i said, i feel terribly bad and he doesn't give me any type of's gotten to the point were I just close my eyes and pretend to be asleep while he keep blurting out how he is bored in the house and that I don't do anything because of this pregnancy.
last night he threatened to grab his keys and leave because he was bored... i just kept my eyes shut and didn't pay attention to him.. of course, he did not leave... I wanted to see if he had the balls to do it.
still, it sucks

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1 Response May 18, 2012

I am going through the same thing. He Just says I'm Insecure and too clingy which also doesn't help with my confidence considering that I'm already 8mo pregnant. I tell him I need the support and he says: for what? It gets really frustrating because I don't expect my first pregnancy to turn out this way. He says he wants to leave so bad and it kills me inside because I don't want a broken family like his first. I feel left out because when I point these out, he says I'm just nagging as always and that I'm annoying. He has no respect