I Like Men and Women

I have kept this inside WAY too long. I love men and women.

It does not mean that I am defective in any way, shape or form.

NO - I am sure. It is NOT a phase ....

Dying  the hair pink - that was a phase.

MizzBlue72 MizzBlue72
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6 Responses Mar 1, 2009

I have always loved the female form. face, hair, breasts, belly, legs and feet. Especially the face, hair and feet, I find these three uniquely erotic. However for most of my life I have had this persistent desire to suck on a man's ****. When I was much younger I gave into this overpowering urge many times, but have restrained myself over the last 30 years. My wife knows about it and finds me absolutely revolting because of it. It's odd because I don't find the male form sexually attractive at all and find anal sex abhorrent. That last fact has served to really alienate me from the gay or even Bi community. For many years I thought about going for psychiatric help but never acted on it. Recently the urge has come back stronger than ever since my wife and I are no longer sexually active.

Oh - hell yeah - I had the pink hair phase!! I Guess everyone does that at one time or another. <br />
Never did the black hair phase - although, my hair is blonde, so my luck, black would wash out and become gray. <br />
Indy - I agree. I don't advertise it in my neighborhood, far from it. Never knew you were a nudist -- hmm.

My wife is bisexual....but we dont tell anyone at all where we live. It really is none of their concern, but if that information got out....everybody would MAKE it their concern (we live in a very nosy, gossipy, and "holier than thou" area). Not ashamed of it....just choose not to "advertise" it. Its pretty much the same way with our nudist interests and lifestyle.

I completely agree:)

We should just forget about gender and love people as "people"... be true to your heart dear...

Never deny who you are and what makes you happy.