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I don't mean those that wear them.  I'm old and I drive and I've never been in an accident that I caused in millions of miles of driving in So Ca.  Up here in WA there's not as many cars except in Seattle.  Reaction time might be tested after say 70?

dorobo dorobo 70+, M 11 Responses Apr 23, 2008

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no, why would i be that stupid?<br />
i was readng the news the other day and saw something about a community that was suing the government for paving their road without their permission. apparantly they didn't want to encourage outsider traffic on their street and got very upset.<br />
the government literally is spnding money where people don't want it and not spending it where they do<br />
the permier the other day told nova scotians to buy a bus pass or a hybrid car. that's great except most of the province i rural and has no bus service, and most of the residents of the province can't afford a hybrid car. it's been all over all he local papers ever since, people constantly writing in. the problems in an area sometimes really are the fault of the government

You are really angry, aren't you? I suppose that you'd have a complaint if someone gave you a million dollars that the bills were wrinkled?

they can't repave the broken up old roads becuase they're too busy paving dirt roads in areas where people WANT dirt roads

Besides, that would give the DMV more revenue which they could use to pave the bloody roads!

Besides, that would give the DMV more revenue which they could use to pave the bloody roads!

I totally agree with you AngelDark. Older drivers get complacent over the years & that is probably most of the problem. The age is an incidental side effect. Test them every five years.

as a non-licenced to drive pedestrian, i'm mostly concerned with drivers who aren't paying attention rather than the ones that are agressive. i can at least spot the agressive ones and get out of the way. the ones that aren't paying attention are the ones who have hit me with thier cars

That's true! Some 18 year olds wouldn't make it, I bet. I'm concerned about the number of young women drivers that exhibit such anger when they drive. Unlike me, who'se angry all the time. :)

i've long believed that everyone should be restested every 5 years. you don't have to get old to become a bad driver

Some young women scare me as much as some young men. It's all in the wrists? haha. I'm a very defensive driver, fast but defensive, looking for cops. The fastest I've driven was 97 and that was passing a car on the off ramp in the rain. I got a ticket for that one. It was a long time ago, more than 40 years I think.

it's a tough call, we had that here, didn't work now is down to a written test after 80 Some older drivers are ok, but some scare me.