I Really Don't Think So

Perhaps I am a bit naive since I'm a guy, but I honestly hate it when women make a big deal about panty lines - especially when justifying wearing thongs (which I think are ugly and trashy compared to bikini panties).

I have very rarely seen panty lines on women - though maybe this is because they wear thongs. Still, I have seen a number of women that I'm fairly certain are wearing regular panties - but see no panty lines. I don't really understand how panty lines are that big of a problem. I'd think that most pants are thick enough to hide any significant lines panties might or might not show.

I guess for me, the biggest reason I am a bit annoyed by talk of panty lines is because often times, women justify their use of thongs for this reason. I think thongs are ugly, trashy, and unsexy. Contrary to a number of guys with panty fetishes, they've never turned me on. I think bikini panties look much cuter and sexier.
DocSissy DocSissy
26-30, M
Jan 21, 2013