Why People Reject Me



I faced alot of rejection from my father and his family for some reason he never loved me like his other kids. my grandmother on his side use to send me things as a kid and when he started having to pay child soport for me his mother stoped sending me stuff and he soon stoped visiting. my grandmother use to go and pick my older brother up that lived in a different state from them. but me she never even met me and never wanted to the last time I spoke with her I was 16 years old I said I would meet her in tuscaloosa. I just wanted to finaly meet the other half of where I come from she told me she would think about it and I never herd from her sence and I'm almost 24 now. when my mother bought my dad back to child sopport for a raise he wouldn't even speak to me and I havn't seen him sence I was 6 at that time I was 12. I remember telling him that it wasn't my fault and not to be mad at me but he kept ignoring me. he was never mad about suporting his other son. since I was 4 years old he never called to say happy birthday didn't even remember when my birthday was when I asked. Nore did he call to say mery christmas or anything else. At the time of my graduation my mom asked his help to pay for my graduation things not only did he want no part of it he could care less about me graduating. and all at the same time he was excepting another son he found to be his and all the while I was being tossed aside like yesterdays gaurbage. later I was getting to know my sister that is close to me in age I thought we where getting vary close but all of a sudden she just pulled away. we where soposed to meet and realy get to know each other. but know she doesn't respond to my messeges or my phone calls so I stoped trying the samev with all my syblings and cousin on his side its like they all had a family gathering and said everybody ignore this guy do not respond if he tries to contact you. its confusing cause they all seemed to be so intrested in getting to know me. Its not like that just with them nobody seems vary intrested in me.   

bigtonyt bigtonyt
22-25, M
May 16, 2010