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That Is Why I Can'T Find Friends Or The Right Guys

I am dull in my own eyes ... I have no great talents or skills,

I am not tht pretty and not clever .. I wish I was all those things

I have no money of my own to speak of. everything I have I have worked harder then most for in the oddest of ways. I have made huge sacrifices to have what I have

I have falled down and had several nervous breakdowns alone many times in my life

I am envious of girls who have it all.. clever and pretty and hold down legal jobs and have lots of friends and the cutest of guys... great bodies and marry and have children.

I am sometimes envious of famos people who have loads of moeny and success

I am more envious of those who have great careers in the right places and live comfortably off and I wish i was rich

I know men don't find me pretty and its always three types of guys who find me attractive.. they are either old, retarted or gooffy minded and controlling.

I wish I had female friends to spend time with to just go out for tea and cake and chat or do something fun... or a cute boyfrind .. I wish I had a career that I loved.

I am not well socially connected ... if you don't work or not with kids play groups etc it can be hard finding the right guys ..
IceEntice IceEntice 36-40, F Feb 5, 2013

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